My simple Morning Routine to start the day

5 steps to jump into the day

Starting in this year I wanted to focus more on structuring my days and creating a kind of routine. So that I am more motivated to get out of bed & do some healthy stuff instead of rushing directly into working mode.

So here are my five steps that I do every single day.

Find some time for yourself in the morning (Image by Sage Friedman)

1. Wake up before 8 am

My work starts at 9 am. I could easily sleep until 8:50 am when I have home office. However, I want to use my morning more effectively — especially focusing on more time for myself — doing some sport in the morning. As well as, feeling more energized when I wake up at the same time every day.

Your body will get used to going to sleep at a certain time and getting up at a certain time. Think of it as a scheduled sleep time. This has the advantage that you probably sleep deeper at your bedtime and are thus more rested.

Some people get up very early during the week, say 6 a.m., and go out partying on the weekend and sleep into the day. How should your body get used to it? — your sleep also needs a routine and therefore it is important to keep fixed times for it.

2. Off phone in the morning

My rule is to start the first 30 minutes of my day without my phone. This has the background that I often stayed in bed and then went on Instagram or similar social media sites — and time flew by so fast.
Starting the morning without your phone slows down the time & you get more done. I often think that with all the notifications our phone controls our time and not we — so change this and be the controlling force. You will mostly not miss anything important & social media can wait.

3. Make your bed

This is simple. When you make your bed the whole space looks a lot cleaner & not like a mess. This doesn’t take more than a minute so just make your bed.

4. Drink water & take vitamins

You are dehydrated when you wake up. You haven’t had water in the past 7–9 hours. That is 1/3 of the entire day. Drinking a big glass of water helps your body to wake up (tip: squeeze a lemon to have a little more taste — positive side effect = vitamins).

5. Movement

A short walk around the block or a short stretching session. No matter what you do, moving will wake you up and your body will thank you.
I used to hate going to the gym in the morning because I thought I had less strength at that time. That’s partly true, but the morning gym session motivates me and the whole day is much more enjoyable. My mood is better and I have already been physically active — I guess it doesn’t get better than this.

These are my 5 habits in the morning:
1. Wake up at the same time every day.
2. Off phone in the morning
3. Make your bed
4. Drink a glass of water
5. Get some movement and your body ready for the day

Thank you for reading this article!
I hope you found some inspiration and maybe will create a simple morning routine for yourself. Let me know what your morning habits are.



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